Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Not Dead Yet...

I swear I didn't want to just up and leave the Context like I have, school's just been busy. There's no such thing as an easy senior year at a university, at least not for this guy.

I'll do my best not to neglect this in favor of other writings that I'm doing. As soon as I can find a spare moment to breathe, then I'll try to put it into the Context.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My Stuff Update for June 2011

Well, Green Lantern has finally been released! It may not be what we were all hoping for, but it IS a fun film. I've been busy writing other stuff again, so I've neglected this. Whoops. Anyways, for those interested, my new pieces of writing are as follows:

Game Reviews from Reset Games:
I'll also have a review soon for the game Green Lantern: Rise of the Manhunters.

Comic Book Reviews from Batman-On-Film:
Also, with my new job at Movies.com (thanks to Bill Ramey), I have a few comics-related pieces over there, along with my regular assignment counting down to next year's The Dark Knight Rises. My pieces there are:
Anyway, hope you enjoy these pieces. Also, be sure to check out the Modern Myth Media podcast every week, where I am a regular "Gentleman" and we talk about everything having to do with our favorite comics characters.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Updates on my Stuff: Reviews, Radio, and my New Column

Miss me?

Don't answer that.

I realize I've been negligent in posting my material, and even blog posts, but that's only because I've been writing a ton of other stuff for the past while, as well as participating in other things (I'll get to that).

Here are the latest several comic reviews from BOF (newest to oldest):

I'm also now a regular contributor to Movies.com in a column counting down to the release of The Dark Knight Rises in June 2012. Check out the first installment of that column HERE (with special thanks to Bill Ramey of Batman-On-Film for securing that job for me, thank you so much!).

See? That's kind of a lot, right? I'll try and keep up with this a bit more.